For my Typographic Systems class this semester we had an assignment to show the lyrics of a song in a way that expresses the feeling of the song. I loved this assignment, but as you may expect it was really difficult to pick just one song to work on. So in the first stage of the assignment I had a few songs picked and I tried out to see which one I wanted to focus on. This was not the one I picked for the assignment because I felt it didn’t have as much to develop, but I kind of loved it anyways.

Amazing Poster Design


I love this song because it’s basically the ultimate confidence booster, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. With lines like:

“I don’t give a fuck if you think I suck, because I know I’m amazing.”

and of course,

“I don’t give a fart if you say that you’re smart, because you’re boring and lazy.”

There’s a silliness to it, but also an underlying message which encourages being yourself and not minding “the haters.” Also the video is pretty ridiculous. Take a listen/watch and feel better for the day: