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My first comic (probably?)

I made a few comics like 8ish years ago, and its kind of funny I’m getting back to it. I think this is the first comic I made? It still makes me smile.

What I Learned From My First Time Tabling (Canzine 2017)

My first time ever tabling and selling my zines and mini-comics. Canzine 2017 was a rollercoaster but overall a really fun experience. Here’s what I learned…

HIM Holiday Posters

Some really fun holiday posters I’ve got to create for HIM. They make me really happy, and I wanted a place to share them!

Grad Project: This is the beginning!

4th year has begun! That means I’ll be working a lot on my year-long project for my bachelor’s degree in Communication Design at Emily Carr University.

Infographic: Marginalization in youth as a factor in HIV transmission

My process in designing an infographic about HIV.

Goodnight & Good Type

Throwback: A book design project from my first typography class at Emily Carr. Goodnight & Good type is a book of influential essays on typography.

Office Job Stretch Guide

Do you sit at a desk a lot? Check out this instructional guide for some stretches to keep you limber all day!

“Amazing” Lyric poster design

A silly exploration for a type project that I didn’t end up using, but love anyways. Lyric poster for the song “Amazing” by Hi Fashion.

Re-introduction to Processing, Art School Computer Science

I did a quick (re) intro tutorial and made quite possibly the best program ever! But not actually. Only click if you promise to have very low standards.

My first project at Emily Carr

Art school projects are nerve-wracking when you don’t feel like an artist.

Type Design: Digital Love Story

The perfect typeface for going back to 1997 and confessing your feelings via electronic-mail.

Meow Kitty Print

Just for fun: typography inspired cat illustration. Meow!

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