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Claritin Packaging Redesign: Process

Spring 2015: Design Core Studio 3 – Project 1 process. Find packaging, make it better. Sounds simple right? Ha!

Design Challenge 3! MNEMOS Product Design and Video

Sometimes group projects work out so right. We worked together to design MNEMOS the portable USB pendant, and develop a video to go with it!

Hey Drag Lady!

A fun poster design to top off one of my classes. It was a quick assignment to go with my drag flipbook animation!

Drag Queen Flip Book Video

A short video project I did for my drawing class that makes me a little uncomfortable. Drag, monsters, and magical shape shifting. Enjoy!

School Daze: Design Challenge 2

A thorough rundown of my process for Design Challenge 2 of my Fall 2014 semester.

Design Challenge Two: Work in Progress

It seems like we were pushed straight into challenge number two. My deadline is looming (Tuesday) and I have a…

Blerg Blorp: user experience, information architecture, & content strategy

Derek is doing homework and trying to make his website more fun by starting his adventure in user experience, content strategy & information architecture!

School Daze: Evocative Objects Project Critique

My first big critique of the semester! Read about the process, and how it went!

Brain Busted

My attempt to illustrate the mind-melt that happens when constantly jumping back and forth between work, school, and other commitments.

But wait, should I take a Selfie?

No, not that song. The pop-tastic pilot for ABC’s TV show Selfie streamed online a month ago, and is premiering tonight. Does it have a chance? I hope so!

YouTube Addictions: It’sGrace

Read why I’m addicted to It’sGrace (aka Grace Helbig’s YouTube Channel) and how her hilarious videos got me interested in YouTube again.


I got to design the poster for the storytelling event Our Stories Narrated as Poetry/Prose.

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