When it comes to type: I’m a romantic.

Here’s a project from the spring. The assignment was to design a typeface created from a simple grid of modular units, and in my case I chose squares which i treated much like pixels. I wanted it to be the kind of typeface that you could have seen in your email in 1997 from your tech savvy lover. It was also an homage to a joke in my circle of friends about technology based love songs.

In terms of typography I took some inspiration from the wildly impressive Marian Bantjes. Of course I couldn’t include that level of detail in this project, but I wanted to incorporate a bit of that flair. I also was influenced by Zuzana Licko’s Lo-Res for a functional example of classic bitmap fonts. We started by sketching on paper and by prototyping in Illustrator, but we actually ended up building the font in Fontstruct, which is a free online font building tool. Here is the alphabet I ended up with:

Type design for Digital Love Story

I liked the assignment so much that I ended up doing a print to put on my wall. Let me know what you think or if you want a copy!

Digital Love Story Print