This is a bit of a throwback, I found it on my shelf recently and thought I’d share it. It’s from my Typographic Communications class about a year ago, It’s the third project we did for that class—you can go back see the result of my first project which was a kind of minimal typeface design.

This project was to design a book featuring a bunch of classic essays/manifestos on typography, and to do so in a consistent way. We had a lot of freedom on this one, a lot of people did larger almost magazine style books, but I opted instead for a smaller, more companion style book. I wanted it to be the type of thing a design student could bring with them on a trip, or in their day to day lives so they could learn more about typography without causing an inconvenience (It’s about 70 pages). I’m happy with how it came out, and especially happy with the title I came up with!

Check it out  and let me know what you think!