I took a course two years ago in “computer science,” which I have put in quotation marks because I don’t know if computer science at an art school is like computer science elsewhere. In our class we focused on Processing which to my knowledge is a programming language kinda meant for visual artists, and I think it might be used in data visualization. Regardless, yesterday I had a weird urge to try it out again, so I went to the Processing website and did their intro tutorial. Now I will say I have definitely done more complex stuff during my course, but two years of not doing it and the intro course seemed like a easy refresher. Maybe I’ll post screen caps of some of my old projects later to prove this fact.

ANYWAYS here is my super rad 20 minute re-introduction to Processing! Pro tip: mouse over the window, and feel free to click the mouse if you are feeling adventurous! (Seriously though, have low expectations, and it may not work on a touch screen)