I was reminiscing about the awkward and exciting time that was 1st year at Emily Carr University, and I remembered my very first project there. I’m not going to go into much detail about the project specifications as it was a really interesting and poetic exercise, and I’d rather not spoil that for the internet. It did however involve coming into that very first class with a completed project ready for critique, no pressure. Pressure! I was completely new to Emily Carr and all I knew to expect was a bunch of talented artists doing their thing. So yes, pressure.

Entering the school as a designer, and not really identifying as an artist definitely made me nervous, but I needed to set that aside and make something that I wouldn’t be completely embarrassed by. I went about thinking about/journaling/exploring the project’s theme: Moon—again simplifying to avoid spoilers. I thought about it a lot, and was inspired a bit by the book 1Q84 which I had read just around then. Basically I realized that I hadn’t looked at the Moon for a long time, and even after making a conscious decision to look for it I had quite a bit of trouble finding it—thank you cloudy Vancouver. I took this and made a sort of visual poem/little book. Looking at it now I’m still pretty happy with it. Oh, and yeah my class went ok too. Tell me what you think, and remember to look up sometimes!

(Click first thumbnail to go through the book)

UPDATE: If you’re interested here is Chip Kidd who designed the first english hardcover version of 1Q84 talking about his book design and I think it touches on some of what I was inspired by. Also its just a beautiful book so check it out (Minor Spoilers) Check it out on FastCoDesign.com.