Here’s a fun project I did wrapping up my information design class last semester. Our project was to create an instructional guide for pretty much anything we wanted. Feeling of particularly bad posture I chose to do mine as a  quick stretching guide for people who spend all day working at a desk.

There were two core aspects of the project, one, you needed to be able to do the activity and document it in order to create the guide effectively, and two, you needed to draw everything on paper before moving to computer. It was a great exercise as it really helped us create diagrams that showed the appropriate level of detail for the page, and also get a good layout ready first so when we did move to the computer it was basically just production at that point.

I won’t show the awkward photos of me doing the stretches, but here is my sketch before moving to computer.

Sketch mockup for stretch guide

Here you can see the final spread,

Office stretches guide

and the front and back cover.

Front and back cover stretch guide

(this was a folded brochure, so the right half is the front cover, and left is the back)

Want to print your own to use at home? Here is the pdf, just print on regular letter sized paper and you are ready to go!

What do you think? Do you do any desk stretches at your office?