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In my last semester of my Bachelor’s Degree at Emily Carr University I worked with the school’s Career + Professional Development department to design ¬†for their Creative Careers Week. I collaborated with the department to identify their key objectives, and then I created collateral to help reach them.


  • To create a space that connects students with employers + professionals in their field.
  • To engage active participation from students, rather than as passive viewers.
  • To help students better recognize and understand the value of their own skills.

First we designed a playful space that encouraged interaction and excitement from the students. This space also acted as the venue for numerous events through the week, many of which allowed students to interact directly with industry professionals. I sourced custom printed tables, benches & stools and then designed custom graphics for them to advertise for the week. I also designed external and internal signage including banners, directional signs, schedule posters, projections and more. This all acted to create an engaging space, and advertise for the week’s events.

In order to help students acknowledge and reflect on their own skills I designed a 7.5 foot tall, freestanding interactive skill wall. Students were to write down a skill they’ve gained at Emily Carr University and post it on the wall. For extra encouragement we added in some suggestions of skills, and also hired a student to create illustrations depicting some of the skills. I also got to write and edit copy for the piece. This was generally a success although some students decided to voice their disappointment with their education. We decided to keep those responses up along with the positive ones to promote a dialogue and further reflection.

The project was a huge success and the event had double the engagement from the previous year with over 600 students participating, and over 40 industry professionals in attendance.

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