IEPEP Branding

I had the wonderful experience of working on a project through Emily Carr’s Health Design Lab doing a branding for the Internationally Educated Physiotherapist Exam Preparation program. It was a particularly good experience because generally as a freelance designer I don’t get much opportunity to collaborate with other designers, so I was excited to work as part of a team. While working alone has its benefits, I think that working collaboratively as a team has a huge potential for success. You get to bounce ideas of each other, and really push the designs to their best, and you can learn so much from other people’s design process.

From a portfolio standpoint, this does make it a bit difficult to attribute exactly who did what, but I will do my best with that. Also, that is an ok problem to have as working as part of a team was such an enriching experience — keep in mind I’ve been freelancing for about 5 years now!

I worked with two fabulous designers Jodie Lavery, and Natália Franca who I feel I learned a lot from. We worked very collaboratively throughout the process of this branding, but especially in the beginning. We all came up concepts to start, but after showing each other, we passed them around so that everyone got a chance to work on them. This was a great way to share ownership, and really clarify and push the designs. I believe Jodie came up with the tagline for this concept which really captured the direction. The IEPEP program refreshes international physiotherapists knowledge, prepares them to take the licensing exams in Canada, and of course helps them to succeed. Part of the branding was especially to inspire confidence as many of the students begin taking the course from abroad, so a brand identity that reflects the quality of the program was integral to attracting new students.

The areas I worked on most were in the logo especially in the beginning concept stage, and digitizing it, but it was worked on by all three of us, and the logo was finalized by Natália who did the final finessing for it. Once that was finished each of us took on different materials. I worked on the postcard design with Natália. I also chose the typeface we ended up using and made the graphics for their social media platforms. Jodie created website concepts and worked on a lot of our text. Natália created a brand guideline, the e-brochure, business card and letterhead. (See below for a gallery of images for parts of the branding which I worked on)

Again this was a great experience and I hope to work on more team projects in the future! It was great working with other designers, and getting to learn from each of them.

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